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Technical specification

Parameters of our Mobile Mirror.

  • Lighting

    Several variants of light sources with a threaded mounting shaft - type E14 can be used in mobile mirrors:

    type of led power type of lighting
    LED  3,5W-5W warm
    LED 3,5W-5W neutral
    LED 3,5W-5W cold


    Parametry lamp LED dostępnych na rynku:


    type of lighting color reproduction light temperature
    warm Ra 80 2700 K
    cold Ra 80 6500 K
    RGB Ra 80 2700K-6500K
    neutral (recommended) Ra >80 4000 K


    The lighting we recommend is LED lamps in a neutral color.


  • waga.png


    Weight: 15 kg

  • zamknietelustrowymiar.png

    Dimensions of the closed mirror

    Dimensions of the closed mirror:

    - width: 54.5 cm
    - height: 72 cm
    - depth: 15.5 cm (without feet)

  • lustrosrodkowewymiar.png

    Center mirror dimensions

    Center mirror dimensions ( apply to mirrors with 8 bulbs)

    - width: 42 cm
    - height: 57 cm

  • lustrabocznewymiar.png

    Side mirrors dimensions

    Side mirrors dimensions:
    - width: 24.5 cm
    - height: 68.5 cm

  • wymiaryminimalnestolika.png

    Area of the table needed for the mirror to work properly

    Ground area occupied after setting the mirror in the working position (both wings of the trunk open):

    - width: 110 cm
    - depth: 60 cm

  • zasobnikwymiar.png

    Container dimensions

    Container dimensions:
    - width: 34 cm
    - height: 9.5 cm
    - depth: 7.5 cm

  • Active power

    Active power:
    without power sockets accessories: 330 W