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Frequently asked questions about renting of Mobile Mirrors

  • How many mirrors can we rent at one time?

    For the needs of large mass events, we can rent up to 30 mirrors of our production. Ask about renting Mobile Mirrors.

  • Is it possible to transport the Mobile Mirror to the selected place?

    In the case of rental with transport, we deliver Mobile Mirrors to the place of order, but the delivery must be picked up at the address indicated. Due to the weight of the rented equipment, the lessee is obliged to provide someone to carry the mirrors from the car delivering the mirror to the destination. For larger orders (from 5 items), we offer a platform free of charge for convenient transport of a stack of mirrors within the event location.

  • What is the cost of renting mirrors?

    The cost of renting mirrors depends on the type of lighting in the trunk and the number of rental days. The cost can be easily checked at the booking stage by clicking on Mobline Mirror Rental option in our offer. Just select the type of lighting and dates (from and to) to display the price of renting a single mirror. If the number of mirrors in the order is greater, then after clicking "Order" and going to the basket, enter the number of mirrors. The sum appearing in the basket determines the rental price without delivery costs.

    Click on the Mobile Mirror rental option link to check prices or rent a mirror.

  • What is the possible rental time for mirrors?

    The minimum billing period is a day. An earlier return is possible, but it does not reduce the cost of rent. In the case of a one-day rental, specify what time the mirror will be ready for return. There is no limit to the maximum rental period, but in this case the cost is calculated individually to the contract.
  • Where can we deliver the rented mirrors?

    The cheapest offer to deliver mirrors applies to Krakow and Warsaw. We also serve: Łódź, Poznań, Katowice. For orders over 10 mirrors, transport to any place in Poland is possible. In the case of such an order, the cost of transport and conditions are agreed individually.

  • Who is the Mobile Mirror intended for?

    Since 2012, when our product appeared on the market, we have gained a large number of customers - users of Mobile Mirrors. Among them are companies dealing with visage, make-up, companies events and concert agencies, schools, media institutions,  corporations and production companies. Mobile Mirrors support shows produced by such television stations as TVN or Polsat and classes conducted by the Audiovisual Technology Center or the Alternative Art school. Mobile Mirrors is a brand created for every entity dealing with make-up and styling, and requiring action outside their own studio, in comfortable mobile conditions.