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Mobile Mirror - rental safe option

24 € netto
per day
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Mobile Mirror - rental safe option - Features
Equipmentcable AC 10A
Lightingled bulbs 4000K E14
Surfacesockets and switches white
Power230 V

Due to the current situation of the Coronavirus pandemic, safety procedures have been introduced regarding the preparation and transport of the delivered mirrors, including:

  • ozonized mirrors and transportation before delivery.
  • ozonation of mirrors and transport after receiving the mirrors
  • setting up and moving the delivered mirrors from the transport to the destination place only for a special surcharge.
  • limiting direct contact between the supplier and the ordering party at the event site.

The scope of the procedure should be selected in the order. The cost is charged to a single piece.

Our rental service is available only in the territory of Poland.




How to book

To reserve a mobile mirror, select the mirror lighting variant and click the "Reserve" link to continue the ordering process. After receiving the order, we contact you and arrange the details. The order confirmation contains a link to the status where you can check the status of the order. Check out the most common questions and answers about renting. Orders can be canceled free of charge in advance. We optimize the costs for orders covering a larger range of days or the number of mirrors.





Optimal dimensions of the table necessary to set up the Mobile Mirror
Minimalne wymiary stolika niezbędnego do ustawienia Mobilnego Lustra

The LED lighting version is characterized by a low operating temperature of the light sources. The color and appearance is very similar to incandescent light, and in the cool version to daylight.

Mobile Mirror at work