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Rental regulations


A mobile mirror rental company operating under the website is run by the graphic designer Elżbieta Migoń with registered office in Krakow, at 8D Stepowa Street, VAT ID number 993-004-24-40, hereinafter referred to as the Lessor.

  1. Rental item.
    The rental service concerns a fully functional technical characterization mirror installed in a case, referred to as a Mobile Mirror.

  2. Rental agreement
    The rental agreement is concluded for a period specified in the order and signed during the issuance of the equipment to the Tenant. After confirming the order, the Tenant is granted access to the electronic version of the rental agreement. The agreement includes, among others, a price list for the repair of the mobile mirror (an example in point 6) and the rules for settling damage in case the Tenant damages the mobile mirror.

  3. Reservation and order
    The Tenant makes a reservation of the mobile mirror by selecting the "reserve" option available on the website. The Tenant is obliged to specify the rental period, the number of mobile mirrors, the number of days, and the destination, and then send the order via the order form available on the website. Sending an order is not binding unless both parties accept the terms of the agreement and the final service costs (transport costs are determined by phone or email). If the terms and costs of the service are not approved, the order is canceled. Upon receiving the order, the Lessor confirms the order by phone, determines the cost and delivery method, and generates a rental agreement and a pro forma invoice.

  4. Payments
    Payment for the rental is made only based on the pro forma invoice or VAT invoice delivered electronically by the Lessor within the period indicated on the pro forma invoice or in cash, no later than the day of issuing the mobile mirror.

  5. VAT invoice
    The VAT invoice for the service is delivered upon returning the mobile mirror or by email according to the agreement.

  6. Price list for the most common damages of the mobile mirror.

  • replacement of a broken mirror from 12€ to 40 €, depending on the size of the damage;
  • replacement of a light bulb - 3 €;
  • replacement of suitcase legs - 4 € per unit.
  1. Deposit
    The Lessor does not require a deposit for the mobile mirrors; however, the agreement secures the Lessor's obligations in case of theft, damage, or non-return of the mobile mirror within the specified period.

  2. Transport and transfer of Mobile Mirrors
    The Lessor provides transportation services. However, these do not include the transfer of Mobile Mirrors between the delivery point and the destination where the Mobile Mirror is to be connected. If the specified address does not allow stopping the vehicle during unloading or loading of Mobile Mirrors, the Tenant is obliged to indicate a place where it is possible to receive them. The Tenant is also required to provide personnel to transfer the Mobile Mirrors from the location to which the Lessor can deliver them. The Tenant is responsible for covering the cost of waiting for the pick-up of Mobile Mirrors at the designated location that requires payment. The transport fee and any costs will be added to the final invoice after returning the mobile mirrors.

The Regulations are valid from September 25, 2016