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Description of the product


  • mobilnelustra_10.jpg

    The case

    Our Mobile Mirror is a mirror built into a professional case designed for professional use: makeup and characterizations. Equipped with rubber feet at the bottom of the case and on the back, which makes it easier to transport horizontally and allows for easy operation of the case when replacing bulbs, for example.

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    The installed lighting of 8x40W allows for work in three modes: 2:2:2:2 - 8 lamps, 2:0:2:0, and 0:2:0:2 - 4 lamps.

  • Lustra do wizażu i charakteryzacji Kraków


    The case in the rear part (the wall with legs) has a male AC C14 (E) power socket. The socket is connected to a split 220V socket, which allows for the connection of devices such as a curling iron or hair dryer.

  • Lustra do wizażu i charakteryzacji Kraków


    Inside the case, there is a container that allows for hiding the power cable and also, during work, temporarily storing cosmetics and sponges.

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    Mobile Mirror 2, 3 and 4 is equipped with 2 transport wheels, allowing the case to be moved without the need for lifting. This option is convenient for women.

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    The mobile mirror is equipped with a handle at the top of the case as well as on the side. Mobile Mirror III is equipped with an extendable handle and comes in 2 variants:

    · T telescopic variant (visible in the video presentation) - 3 extension ranges activated by one button.
    · N single-element extendable variant - 2 extension ranges - activated by a slider.